New life

​It has been a long time​ since​ ​I have written an​ything here. Sorry for that, I’am still alive 😉 but my life has changed a bit.

Since 2013,​ I am owner of an old mill in the Morvan (Burgundy)​. I​ am working a lot on it​ as it was ​​deserted for 60 years​ – ​everything has to be ​re​done : from ​top to bottom, and we have decided to do everything by oursel​ves.​
So I ​am experimenting a lot of new skills : driving my excavator to bury the electricity and water connections, felling 25m high poplars, carpentering a lot to redo all the roofings are just some of them.


O​ur daughter came to this world​ in 2013​. ​She is now one year old and seems happy to have this not​ so​ ​conventional life. ​We​ are so happy to see here grow up each day in what we hope to become​ the best place to spend her childhood.


And last but not least, I am changing my professional activity, leaving behind me the technical design and development for commercial projects​. I am completely diving into​ woodworking​.​​ I have​ ​started​ a sawmill at our new home. This is the very beginning and for now I will mainly saw wood for our roofings but I hope to quickly get clients and see this activity grow up.



However, I’ll try to maintain and show the interactive installations I made with Lab212. So if interested, you can still contact me for Stop-iT, Appel d’Air, Face to Face and Loup garou.

I will try to keep this site alive to relate personal projects and to share some news every now an​d​ then.

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